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Terms and Conditions of Strong-Motion Test Participation

Participation in the Turkey Flat test is voluntary, but registration implies a commitment to carry out predictions of ground motions across the array according to the format, terms and conditions of the test.  Each participant must provide contact information, and identify the method that will be used to make the required predictions.  Participants are encouraged to also perform "optional" predictions, as the results will help to further validate the methods employed.  All information provided on the registration form will be kept confidential, and individuals/affiliations responsible for predictions will be kept anonymous when comparing their results.  Additional requirements include the following:  

1)  The full set of predictions must be made using a “preferred” geotechnical model of the site that each participant will construct from the basic geotechnical data provided.

3)    Prediction results must include estimates of uncertainty (e.g. standard error).

4)    All predictions must be made for both horizontal components.

5)     Final results will be submitted in digital format that is prescribed in a separate document, which will be provided to participants.

6)     Final submissions are to include a brief report that includes a description of the procedure and the “preferred” geotechnical model of the site.

Please Note: By registering to participate in the Turkey Flat Strong-Motion Blind Test, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the test.


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